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 In this topic we are discuss about Ferrari different car model there specification, speed of car, duration of speed, best feature, top modes, pictures, engineers works.

Ferrari F8 spider:-

The engine of F8 spider Ferrari is V8. The speed of F8 spider is the 2 to 9 sec and the speed is 
0-100 km /H. Specific output maximum power is 1,94 kg /cv to 720 cv.

Ferrari Cars price and Features Overview Details
Ferrari Cars price and Features Overview Details 

F8 spider is greater achievement leaches its power with zero turbo tag, V8 unique and special sound tract. To achieve their goal of making the car’s performance easy and control. Ferrari engineers worked on combine with one and other to form a whole and simplified performance with the latest renewal of the vehicle dynamic control system. The F8 spider engineer design the car where the driver seat and drive the car classic look typical of Ferrari is one in which the rare wheel are driven in front of them. A concept that create the symbiotic between the driver and car.

Ferrari F8 spider
Ferrari F8 spider

The F8 spider front position of the F8 spider is unlike the 488 spider are rearward angled, is used to beneficial for the cooling terms but simultaneously shrinks for the underground surface area.
Thus the geomatry of the channel F8 spider is used for the hot air and redesigned to ensure that the maximum downforce was generated whilst the cutting drag.
The result is That the 10% improvement in the car’s overall efficiency compared to the 488 spider.

Ferrari Monza SP2:-

The engine of the Monza SP2 is the V12. 2 to 9 sec speed of Monza SP2 in 0-100kM/H. Specific power output is 125cv/1.maximum power output 810cv.

Ferrari Monza sp2
Ferrari Monza sp2

The engine of the SP2 Monza is derived directly from the 812 super fast with optimum fluid dynamic. The virtual wind was panted to response and enjoy the driver for high speed.

Co2 Emission:-

Low:578 G/km
Mid :354 G/km
High:313 G/km
Extra high:340 G/km
Combined:336 G/km

Fuel consumption:-

Low:25.5 L/100 km
Mid:15.6 L/100km
High:13.8 L/100km
Extra high:15.0 L/100km
Combined:16.1 L/100 km


The value of fuel consumption and CO2 emission were determined by the European regulation (EC) 715/2007 in the version applicable by the time.

Ferrari Monza sp2 front and side view
Ferrari Monza sp2 front and side view

The Ferrari Monza SP2 together with the Ferrari SP1 runs especially in a specific way. For a new concept known as ‘ icona’ (icon) that taps into the idea for the bringing strong images cars in the company history and create the new segment for the special limited cars for the persons on organization who using services of layer or other perfossionl persons or the company. The intention is to use modern concerned with beauty a timeless style, the technologically advanced components and the highest performance continuous with innovation.
A car that seems the represents by the wind.
The development of the design of the interior focused specially on the driver.

Ferrari 812 superfast:-

The engine of the 812 superfast is v12. 2to 9 sec speed in 0-100 km/H. Specific power output 123 cv. Maximum power output 800cv.

Ferrari 812 superfast back side view
Ferrari 812 superfast back side view

Co2 Emission:-

Extra high :340G/km

Fuel combustion:-

Low:25,2 L/100km
Mid :15,2L/100 km
High:14,1 L/100 km
Extra high:15 L/100km

The value of fuel combustion and co2 emission was determined by the European regulation (EC) 75/2007 in the version, applicable at the time of type approval.
The goal of the Ferrari engineer was exceeding the specific power output of the F12 berlinettas v12.
The electric power steering (EPS) is firstly introduce to the Ferrari is used to fully exploit by the potential energy of the car in terms of performance by the electronic vehicle dynamic control.

Ferrari 812 superfast front side view
Ferrari 812 superfast front side view

The 812 superfast are design is part of Ferrari ongoing dealing to improving performance with each other new model, in terms of speed and augmented vehicles, dynamic for a more animating experience for the driving.
Light compact volumes bounding the shape on form of something of the interior structure to the extent that the latter are visible in certain areas.
The engine of 812 superfast is type of the v12 _65.
The overall displacement of the 812 superfast is 6469cc.
Bore and stroke of 812 superfast Ferrari is 94×78mm.
The Maximum power output have 588kw (800 cv) at 8,500
RPMMaximum torque is 718nm at 7000 rpm.

Ferrari 488 pista spider:-

The engine of the Ferrari 488 spider is V8. 2 to 8 secs speed in 0-100 km/H. The specific power output is 185 cv/1.maximum power output is 720cv.

Ferrari 488 pista spider back side view
Ferrari 488 pista spider back side view

The Ferrari 488 pista spider for three years running 2016, 2017 and 2018. It is the most powerful V8 and spotted by the road going and its overall specific output 488 pista spider Ferrari deliver the highest power increases over the model. It was developed from the 488 pista spider.

Co2 Emission :-

Mid :267G/km
Extra high:281G/km
Combined :289G/km

Fuel consumption :-

Mid: 11,8 L/100km
High:11 L/100 km
Extra high:12,4 L/100 km
Combined :12,8 L/100 km

The value of the Co2 Emission and the fuel consumption were determined by the European (ES) 715/2007 in the version applicable at the time of type approval.
The new special 488 pista spider series, the 50th top open model produced by the highest ever performing Ferrari pista spider 488, 488 pista spider with a record ratio of 1.92  kg /hp.

Ferrari 488 pista spider front side view
Ferrari 488 pista spider front side view

The Ferrari 488 pista spiders dynamic performance that produce the high mechanical offer performance in the terms of lap times standing starts.
The driver when the drive the car which produce all the pleasure.
The engine of the 488 pista spider is usually set for the benchmark is not just for the young generation but all the engine including naturally aspirated ones.
The 488 pista spider is generally the most powerful v8 spotted. It is both of the powerful engine and power output.

Farrari Roma:-

The engine of the Ferrari Roma is V8. 3.4 sec speed in 0-100 km/H. Total displacement is 3855cc. Maximum power output is 620 cv.
The Ferrari Roma represent the pinnacle performance in this category, thanks to this turbo _changes v8 for the family of engine that has won the award for the 4 years running. The engine reaches 620 cv to 7500rpm and is the new speed _ 8 Dct.

Farrari Roma car side view on action
Farrari Roma car side view action

The car is designed by the style of distinctive fair,, and the car is representative for the way of carefree, pleasurable way for life.
The Ferrari Roma style is clear clean by the exterior center and absolute symbiosis with various elements.
The Ferrari Roma is beneficial for the new generation model, both bodyshell and chassis are redesigned by the latest weight reduction, 70%of the components are new.
The segment of the ratio is 2.37 kg /cv which is enhanced by the dynamic and responsiveness.

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